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Currently, Cristália Group counts on two associated laboratories: IMA and BioChimico


In 2018, Instituto BioChimico joined Cristália Group as an affiliated company. The company was established 95 years ago in the neighborhood of Cordovil, Rio de Janeiro, by a renowned pharmacologist who decided to build a pharmaceutical company dedicated to antibiotics and inhaled anesthetics.

In 1998, BioChimico went through a significant restructuring, transferring its headquarters to Penedo district, in the city of Itatiaia, also in the state of Rio de Janeiro, counting on new facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Intending to expand availability and to add speed in deliveries, BioChimico established a partnership with Laboratório Cristália, headquartered in Itapira (SP), and a benchmark in hospital products distribution in the Country.

Biochimico - Cristália

ZIP CODE: 27.580-000
TEL: (24) 3355-9300

IMA - Cristália

Calle Palpa, 2862
C1426DPB Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel/Fax: +54 11 4551.5109

IMA - Cristália

Established in Argentina in 1962, IMA Laboratories was acquired by Cristália in 2011. The acquisition represented a milestone for Cristália Group, which then incorporated its first plant abroad in a strategic segment: oncology injectables, for prostate, lung, breast, colon cancer, as well as lymphomas.

Exports and Technology

The company produces proprietary products for export, manufactures drugs, and provides specialized services for other pharmaceutical companies, including: solutions for injection, lyophilized products for injection, fractioning of raw materials with cytostatic active substances, stability and photostability studies.
Represented in Brazil by Cristália Group, IMA Laboratories has operations in all Latin American countries, as well as in Pakistan and Lebanon.