Located in the city of Cotia (SP), Latinofarma's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is based on a total building area of over 5,000 m2, surrounded by green areas, the plant is established in an area exclusively dedicated to non-polluting companies. The manufacturing area is certified with Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (GMPC) granted by Brazilian regulatory agency (Anvisa) and has all technology required to manufacture sterile drugs in place.

Clean rooms and quality control

Conceived to combine logistic concepts and cutting-edge technology resources available to pharmaceutical industry, our plant has a manufacturing capacity of approximately 3.5 million units per month, positioning it among the pharmaceutical companies best equipped to produce drugs.

Water purification and clean rooms

Water is a critical component for eye drops manufacturing. In Latinofarma, water is submitted to a reverse osmosis process to be allowed for pharmaceutical use.

Ophthalmic eye drops and ointments are sterilized by processes that keep the integrity of their active substances and are filled in appropriate environments, the so-called 'clean rooms'.

In those restricted-access settings, air is filtered by special procedures that grant superior purity and sterility standards to the most sophisticated operating theaters.