Established in 2002, Latinofarma was acquired by Cristália in 2015. With a state-of-the-art plant located in Cotia, São Paulo, the company manufactures a high-quality portfolio of therapeutic solutions for Ophthalmology. Cristália's manufacturing plant dedicated to Ophthalmology is built on an area spanning more than 5 thousand square meters, and manufactures over 12 million units of eyedrops and ophthalmic ointments every year.

This division has 250 direct employees in average, and counts on 100 representatives operating throughout the country and making sales calls to 13 thousand physicians a month.

Its key product segments include medicines for glaucoma, antibiotics, combinations, steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents , as well as decongestants.

After being acquired by Cristália Group, Latinofarma has already launched several products, including food supplements Areds and Dois, which now have exclusive formulas supplied to Brazilian market.

Diagnostics and daily care

The company also produces diagnostic products and a franchise of daily eyecare products: eye cleaning, eye lubricants, and artificial tears. Targeting to make patients' daily lives easier, Latinofarma is a pioneer in designing caps in different colors and formats to help patients to distinguish different eyedrops, therefore making sure they are properly applied, as prescribed by the doctor. Established in 2002, Latinofarma was acquired by Cristália in 2015. With a modern plant located in Cotia (SP), the company manufactures a high-quality portfolio, offering therapeutic solutions for Ophthalmology.

This division provides in average, 200 direct jobs and has about 65 sales representatives deployed across the whole Brazilian territory, interacting with more than 13 thousand doctors every month.

Its key product lines are: anti-glaucoma agents, anti-infectious agents, combinations, steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and decongestants.

Drylab – Ophthalmic Surgery Simulator

Latinofarma is present at key conferences and events focused to Ophthalmology. In addition, the company supports initiatives that benefit eye health and improved patient access.

In May 2017, Latinofarma introduced, in collaboration with Instituto da Visão (Ipepo), a virtual reality surgical Simulator called Drylab, which is installed in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, in the West side of São Paulo city.

Using those facilities, Ophthalmology trainees can practice surgical procedures in a safeguarded environment in using virtual reality before operating real patients.

Training and improvement

At Drylab, several surgical procedures can be practiced reproducing eye surgery equipment operation and real-life complications as accurately as possible. The simulator offers exercises ranging from beginner level to advanced level, starting with coordination movements, through the most sophisticated ones, such as surgery itself. Instruments are inserted into a virtual eye, and its movements are captured by sensors and feedback mechanisms promptly responding to each activity.

Latinofarma and Instituto da Visão's purpose with this joint venture is to support medical education and the improvement of surgical techniques, enabling ophthalmologists to have deeper knowledge and causing a positive impact on ophthalmology care in Brazil.

This is Latinofarma, Cristália's Ophthalmology Division with a dedicated focus on physicians and patients.