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The company placed its bet and hit the target by investing in the licensing and improvement of biochemical processes for manufacturing biotechnology assets.

Our Biotechnology division is now constituted of 70 colleagues (23% represented by Master and Ph.D. degree holders).


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Laboratório Cristália

Get inspired by Prof. Thiemann

Josef Ernst Thiemann actually started his professional journey at Cristália in 2006. By then, Thiemann was already one of the greatest global experts in microbiology, having started his professional career in 1957, soon after having graduated from Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinária do Paraná and attended his Macrobiotic Genetics specialization course.

In 1986, and with a number of degrees from renowned institutions, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Thiemann had his first contact with Cristália Laboratories’ scientists, with whom he have established a partnership.

In 2006, he was invited by Professor Spartaco Astolfi Filho to join a team to build a Biotechnology division at the company. The first step was to build a Research & Development Center, where Dr. Thiemann started the first fermentation activities under his management.

Using his experience and knowledge, Prof. Thiemann actively participated on researches to obtain an animal-free collagenase. When Cristália finally managed to have its product approved by Anvisa, he was undergoing therapy for a medical condition. When he was told about the approval, he felt really happy and rewarded. It was like the accomplishment of a lifetime. Before leaving Cristália, during the party thrown to celebrate Dr. Thiemann’s 10 years of researches and 50 years dedicated to science, he said: “I left my heart here”.