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NResearching new technologies and manufacturing cutting-edge medicines is just not enough. Stocking, storing, and distributing drugs to Brazil and abroad with the level of efficiency and quality required by hospitals and drugstores require logistic expertise and continuous quality control. In 2017, a new Cristália Distribution Center was opened with unparalleled structure to any competitor.

Built on a total area of 120 thousand m², the new Distribution Center has a 16,000 m2 warehouse, and room for future expansions. About 1 thousand Brazilian cities receive drugs directly from that center, which means that approximately 140 thousand boxes of drugs are delivered every month. Half this amount is assigned to Brazilian Unified Healthcare System (SUS, in short).

Environmental sustainability

The new Distribution Center has some important environmental peculiarities, including the following: the water produced by condensation from refrigeration system is reused, thus reducing potable water consumption; water facilities were specifically designed for future use of rainwater collected from rooftops, and; the lighting design anticipates 57% savings in electricity bills.

Plant IV, where Cristália’s Distribution and Logistics Center is located, is found in the vicinities of Itapira city main entrance.