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The portfolio of products for Mental Health was the first to be made available by Cristália, in the beginning of its operations. These are drugs intended to treat Schizophrenia, Humor Disorders, Compulsive Disorders, Alcohol Abuse, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer Disease. Starting from this portfolio, Cristália has developed and offered therapies for pain, including cancer-related pain.

Now, the company has also a therapeutic dermatology and a women’s health portfolio. In therapeutic dermatology, the company manufactures the Kollagenase ointment line, available in three different formulas, made of the Biological Pharmaceutical Input animal-free collagenase manufactured at the Biotechnology – Anaerobics plant located at Itapira Industrial Park.

Pain Relief Drugs

Pain impacts at least 30% of the population at some point in life, and is one of the major causes of distress and labor disabilities, leading to economic and psychosocial consequences (Source: SBED website at

Cristália was the first company to provide and oral formula of morphine sulfate to Brazilian market, representing a breakthrough in pain treatment in the Country.

Cristália has a therapeutic arsenal in place for relieving mild to severe pain, including pain caused by cancer.

Pain Relief Medicines:

Mental Health

Our Mental Health portfolio was developed while Cristália was being established, as the first of many other innovations.

Since its first days, through partnerships and with the support of universities and research institutes, Cristália has been producing a whole basic line of psychiatric drugs.

A leader in several segments, the company has been operating in the fields of Schizophrenia, Humor Disorders, Compulsive Disorders, Alcohol Abuse, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer Disease.

Below, you can find a list of our drugs designed to treat Mental Health conditions:

Alz (Tablets)

Crisapina (Tablets)

Lábrea (Tablets)

Neural (Tablets)

Parkidopa (Tablets)

Pinazan (Tablets)

Prompt (Tablets)

Quetipin (Tablets)

Quetipin LP (Tablets)

Quera (Tablets)

Revia (Tablets)

Sensaz (Tablets)

Vensate (Capsules)

Therapeutic Dermatology

In Therapeutic Dermatology, Cristália offers innovative solutions in dermocosmetics, such as moisturizers and skin repair agents especially formulated to meet Brazilian women’s skin needs, in addition to products for hair care, and therapies for wounds and mycoses.

Cristália is the only company that has been granted with a certification for manufacturing Dermatologic biologicals in Brazil.

Cristália’s portfolio in Therapeutic Dermatology is constituted of the following topic products:

Healing: Kollagenase ointment line Kollagenase

(collagenase 0.6 U/g)


Ointment indicated for treating skin injuries by supporting a smooth and fast cleaning, without bleeding or pain. It prepares the injury area for a healthy healing process.

Kollagenase with Chloramphenicol (collagenase 0.6 U/g chloramphenicol)

A skin ointment that, in addition to the benefits provided by original Kollagenase, has been added by a bacteriostatic antibiotics – chloramphenicol – which is included in the formula to manage secondary local bacterial infections that could potentially develop.

Gino Kollagenase (collagenase 0.6 U/g chloramphenicol)

Gino Kollagenase (collagenase + chloramphenicol) is designed to support the elimination of necrotic tissues and tissue debris following uterine neck cauterization and surgeries, as well as other gynecologic procedures, post-delivery, and for vaginal inflammation (including erosive cervititis, ulcerative vaginitis, post-partum cervicitis, episiorrhaphies, and colpoperineorrhaphies).

Mycoses and chilblains: Funtyl Line

Indicate for fungal skin infections caused by dermatophytes, most commonly known as athlete’s foot, groin itch, and body mycoses.

Funtyl cream
(terbinafine hydrochloride)

Micoses e frieiras

Funtyl Tablets (terbinafine hydrochloride form)

Hair & Nails Health


A supplement with an exclusive formula containing essential elements to a naturally beautiful hair, including biotin, iron, zinc, and pantothenic acid. Indicated for treating hair follicles and nails & hair matrix exposed to a number of different external injuries making them weaker and thinner.


Prolactin Inhibition


Prolactin is a hormone responsible for breast milk production. This medicine is indicated for inhibiting this hormone in patients with hyperprolactinemia, as well as for other conditions in which inhibiting or suppressing lactation is required.