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Cristália's plant of APIs for Oncology, launched in 2019, has enabled an unprecedented fact in the country: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) being locally produced for the manufacturing of high-potency medicines to treat cancer.

Until then, Brazil was required to import 100% of the oncologic therapies, either finished drugs or raw materials. Cristália's new initiative of locally producing the APIs allows for reducing costs, making those drugs more affordable to a wider range of Brazilian patients.

Tailored Equipment

An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the heart and soul of a drug. In order to manufacture a last-generation ingredient, cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control measures are required. For this reason, Cristália's plant of APIs for Oncology, which operates in a built area of 1600 m², was set up with imported equipment, customized according to the company's design, and including state-of-the-art pharmaceutical assets.

Diagnostics and daily care

It takes years of investments in scientific research to develop an API. The manufacturing of APIs for oncologic medicines is complementary to the company's Oncology Pharmaceutical (former Cytostactics Plant) area, supplying 100% of the ingredients employed in the manufacturing of drugs to treat cancer. That's an important step in the journey to achieve full nationalization of drugs production, which has been one of Cristália's founders' key concerns since the company was established, 48 years ago.