Cristália’s Oncologic Pharmochemical plant will enable the country to achieve an unprecedented feat: manufacturing oncologic Active Pharmaceutical Inputs (APIs) for producing medicines against cancer. Today, Brazil imports 100% of cancer therapies, including finished products and raw materials. Cristália’s new initiative to locally manufacture APIs will allow for reduced prices, making drugs affordable to a larger portion of the Brazilian population.

Tailor-made equipment

An Active Pharmaceutical Input (API) is a drug’s heart and soul. In order to produce a last-generation input, cutting-edge technology and very strict quality control procedures are required. With this in mind, Cristália’s new Oncologic Pharmochemical plant is being built on a 1,660 m2 area and equipped with world-class machines and devices especially designed for this project, featuring the best available in pharmaceutical industry.

Diagnosis and daily care

It takes years of investments in scientific research to develop an API. Cristália currently produces 53% of the APIs employed in the manufacturing of its medicines – an important milestone for local pharmaceutical industry. Producing APIs for oncology drugs will complement company's Oncologic Pharmaceutical area (former Cytostatics plant) as an additional step towards meeting the goal of local end-to-end manufacturing of drugs, which has been targeted by Cristália founders, since the company was established 47 years ago.