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Filing 111 Patents is something that very few pharmaceutical companies can accomplish. For Cristália, research, development, and innovation are critically important, and are directly connected to our company’s journey.

Counting on an especially e exclusively dedicated area for scientific research has always been a dream for Cristália founders. In 2009, a new RD&I (Research, Development & Innovation) area was opened at Itapira Industrial Park, where the best available in the world in terms of technology and equipment for Pharmaceutical, Pharmochemical, and Biotechnology industry is in place.

Breakthrough and incremental innovation

Among the projects under development, at least 40% are regarded as breakthrough innovations. The remaining ones are regarded as incremental innovations. But all of them are targeted to provide therapeutic gain for patients, which can be translated as added effectiveness, safety, reduced side effects, improved population’s access, and stronger treatment adhesion.

Scientific Board

But all this work can only be performed because, in addition to scientists working at the RD&I Center, Cristália is supported by some of the most renowned scientists and university professors.

In 2004, one of the company’s founders Dr. Ogari Pacheco contacted a former Medical School colleague, Dr. Regina Scivoletto, a Pharmacology professor at USP (University of São Paulo), and decided to build a Scientific Board at the company.

That initiative provided an important moment for Brazilian research & innovation area, because it bridged the communication gap that existed at that time, and made innovation feasible by working together, i.e., the essence of academic work focused to scientific practice.

Linked with knowledge

Playing a facilitator role, the Scientific Board gathers experts from several different research institutions, belonging to different health-related knowledge areas, with skills to prospect and review projects.

The main challenge while building the team was to find experienced professionals in scientific research and clinical practice available in the market that could be useful for guiding the development of new projects. After the team was built, a multi- and interdisciplinary effort turned Cristália into one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, following a global trend in collaborative and open research approach (Open Innovation).

Always introducing new products

Delivering on its mission to research, develop and innovate, the company is able to launch approximately six – eight new pharmaceutical products every year, providing patients with quality, safety, and well-being.

At total, 40% of Cristália’s development portfolio can be regarded as breakthrough innovations with therapeutic gain. This is an impressive figure, since according to Brazilian regulatory authority ANVISA, only 7% of new registered drugs fit this category. [Source: Câmara de Medicamentos (CMED), 2013]