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With facilities in two different cities (São Paulo-SP, and Itapira-SP), guests may schedule their visits in accordance to their own interests and availability.

In São Paulo, visitors will be able to closely follow the daily routine of injectable drugs production, in addition to ampoules and vials. Located at Butantã neighborhood, the Manufacturing Plant has a total building area of 8,000 m².

If Itapira is the chosen destiny, visitors will be able to learn about pills, creams, ointments, vials, eye drops, and solutions manufacturing, everything in a building area of over 53 thousand m². The specially-designed aisles for visitors provide broad knowledge about the manufacturing process, with no direct contact with inputs and medicines, therefore assuring everyone's safety.

Visits addressed for students

Students from Technical Education Centers (in their 3rd semester and up) and from any of the graduation courses listed below are allowed to attend the Visitation Program:

- Pharmacy, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and related courses (5th semester and up).

OGroups must include no more than 35 students, and must be supervised by a professor or monitor of the School/University.

Clique aqui Interested parties must send an email to

Visits addressed to customers

If you are a Cristália customer, please, ask your Sales Representative to schedule a visit for you. Customer groups must include no more than 15 people. We will be very glad to have you here with us.