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Inovação farmacêutica

Water: treatment, recycling, and reduced consumption

Cristália uses the most advanced technology available in the market to treat sewage, and recycles 20 thousand liters of wastewater per hour.

Currently, 100% of Cristália’s industrial waste is recycled. All new projects of the company are developed with internal treatment stations in place to enable water recycling.

By doing so, Cristália is able to save 7 million liters of water every month.


Cooking oil recycling

DAccording to São Paulo state water supply company, one liter of cooking oil reaching to a river pollutes 20 thousand liters of water. Since 2007, Cristália has been donating all cooking oil employed in its cafeterias. The material is added to all cooking oil used by Itapira’s population to be sold to recycling companies, and the revenues are donated to Casa da Criança de Itapira.

Every month, 7 thousand liters of cooking oil are collected. Within one year, more than 80 thousand liters are collected. With this initiative, we can prevent 1.6 billion liters of clear water from being polluted.

Preservação APPs

Rain forest preservation and replanting

Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs) mean those areas protected under the terms of Law, whether covered or not by native vegetation, with the environmental roles of preserving water supplies, the landscape, geological stability, biodiversity, fauna and flora’s gene flow, protect soil, and assure human populations’ well being. (Forestry Code – Law # 12.651/12).

In 2011, Cristália implemented its initiative to encourage PPAs development. Today, there are six PPAs within Itapira Industrial Park. These represent more than 17 hectares, with over 17 thousand growing seedlings of plants and trees.

In addition, there are other two PPAs on the banks of Rio do Peixe, where Cristália planted and keeps 500 growing seedlings of native vegetation, with 30 bushels of preserved native Atlantic Rainforest.

Inovação indústria farmacêutica

Reduced electricity consumption

Cristália has always been committed with wisely using electricity. The state-of-the-art plants of the group have been designed to make most of the use of natural lighting and to optimize electric resources.

In 2017, with the help of technology, Cristália took another step in such sustainability project: the company opened a new electric power substation in Itapira, embodying new automation concepts in line with the Internet.

Electricity consumption can be monitored online through any mobile device. Therefore, one can have access to the various data about the system, enabling a prompt reaction whenever a specific need is found.

The management of electric power consumption is also connected to the Internet. Therefore, our technical management is directly warned by e-mails and cell messages whenever a power failure or unexpected parameters are found in the electrical system, such as excessive consumption, thereby providing a potentially proactive electricity consumption management.