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Social Media Use Policy

Cristália values your opinion, and wants to be closer to you by disclosing information not only about our company, but mostly about health and quality of life, which is the reason why we have made this channel available to you. However, it is advisable to be always aware of policies and usage rules so that, together, we can build a bond of trust and respect. So, here you can find a user's guide, which are also in line with Brazilian laws and with the  Facebook Terms of Use.. Check it out:

Safety comes first

Please, don't forget that Facebook is a public network. Please, refrain from sharing personal or confidential data, because everyone will have access to contents. Keep your privacy, and protect yourself! It's also important to be aware that everything you post on our page may be used to produce materials, both for internal and external use.  

Users' comments and posts

Make sure you hold the copyright of all contents you post, including texts, links, images or videos. Furthermore, whenever you post any content, please, use the appropriate language, without offending or being rude to other users. Keep in mind that the purpose of the page is to discuss topics associated to health and welfare, so, please, do not post divergent contents on this page. Offensive posts or publications unrelated to the contents of the page shall be removed without prior notice. Continuously respect others' opinions and be kind to other Facebook users, just like you want to be treated and respected.

Medical advice and information about drugs

This page is neither designed to provide therapy or drug prescriptions, nor encourages its followers to do so. Only a doctor is able to discuss the effectiveness of drugs and the most suitable therapy for each patient according to their symptoms and medical history. Therefore, please do not make or accept this kind of comment. Any comments on the page mentioning drugs, brands, active substances, formulas, or medical advice shall be removed.

Adverse events

If you have experienced or are experiencing any type of adverse event resulting from the administration of a drug, the Facebook page is not the right place to look for help. Please, contact our Pharmacovigillance department immediately at the Customer Service: 0800 701 1918.

Comments monitoring

In case of violation of any of the provisions above or the Facebook Terms of Use, your comment may not be published on the page. We always strive to answer all questions and suggestions published herein. For that, our monitoring team is available Monday-Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Customer Services

Any questions related to Cristália products or drugs shall be directed by the Facebook monitoring team to Customer Services.

Occasionally, third-party contents may be posted, including links and videos. Cristália disclaims any responsibility over these types of material or any contents posted by users or colleagues on our page. Any opinions, including our colleagues', do not necessarily reflect Cristália's opinions. To learn more about Laboratório Cristália, please, visit