Our key business lines in Ophthalmology are: anti-glaucoma drugs, anti-infectious agents, combinations, steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and decongestants.

The company also offers products for diagnosis in Ophthalmology, as well as a live designed to ocular daily care, with over-the-counter products designed for eye cleaning, in addition to lubricants and artificial tears.

Quality control

Established in Cotia (SP), Latinofarma plant was conceived to match logistic concepts to the most up-to-date technology resources available in pharmaceutical industry. The manufacturing plant has a production capacity of approximately 3.5 million units/ month.

The water employed as raw material is submitted to a reverse osmosis process to become suitable for pharmaceutical use.
All products are sterilized by processes that keep their active substances’ integrity, and are bottled under proper conditions,in the so-called ‘clean rooms’. Furthermore, all Latinofarma products are submitted to physicochemical and microbiological quality control tests.


Established in 2002, Latinofarma was acquired by Cristália in 2015. This division employs about 200 professionals, and has approximately 65 representatives based in every region of the country who directly interact with over 13 thousand physicians every month.